Defending Azure Active Directory with Azure Sentinel

Azure Active Directory doesn’t really need any introduction, it is the core of identity within Microsoft 365, used by Azure RBAC and used by millions as an identity provider. The thing about Azure Active Directory is that it isn’t much like Active Directory at all, apart from name they have little in common under the […]

Using time to your advantage in Azure Sentinel

Adversary hunting would be a lot easier if we were always looking for a single event that we knew was malicious, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Often when hunting for threats, a combination of events over a certain time period may be added cause for concern, or events happening at certain times of […]

Protecting Azure Key Vault with Azure Sentinel

Azure Key Vault is Microsoft’s cloud vault which you can use to store secrets and passwords, API keys or certificates. If you do any kind of automation with Azure Functions, or Logic Apps or any scripting more broadly in Azure then there is a good chance you use a Key Vault, its authentication and role […]

Azure Sentinel and Azure AD Conditional Access = Cloud Fail2Ban

Fail2ban is a really simple but effective tool that has been around forever, it basically listens for incoming connections and then updates a firewall based on that, i.e. too many failed attempts then the IP is added to a ban list, rejecting new connections from it. If you are an Azure AD customer then Microsoft […]

Azure Sentinel and the story of a very persistent attacker

Like many of you, over the last 18 months we have seen a huge shift in how our staff are working, people are at home, people working remotely permanently, or being unable to get into their regular office. That has meant a shift in your detections, previously you had people lighting up internal firewalls, or […]

CrowdStrike Falcon, Defender for Endpoint and Azure Sentinel.

Remember when antivirus software was the cause of every problem on devices? Workstation running slow? Disable AV. Server running slow, put in a heap of exclusions. Third party app not working, more exclusions. The thought of running multiple antivirus products on an endpoint was outrageous, and basically every vendor told you explicitly not to do […]

Detecting anomalies unique to your environment with Azure Sentinel

One of the lesser known and more interesting operators that you can use with KQL is series_decompose_anomalies. When you first read the Microsoft article it is a little intimidating to be honest but thankfully there is a community post here that explains it quite well. Essentially, we can use the series_decompose_anomalies operator to look for […]

Streaming Azure AD risk events to Azure Sentinel

Microsoft recently added the ability to stream risk events from Azure AD Identity Protection into Azure Sentinel, check out the guidance here. You can add the data in the Azure AD -> Diagnostic Settings page, and once enabled you will see data stream into two new tables AADUserRiskEvents – this is the data that you […]


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